Should Downvotes Come With Feedback?

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You can downvote post that contain stolen content, scams, spam etc. However most users encounter random accounts down voting their post but they can't figure out what they're doing wrong. Should there be a feedback option? Maybe someone misunderstood what content goes on what tag. For instance back in 2019 on Steemit, this guy thought I was such a horrible person for making money on Steemit and flagging my post but why weren't they after other people who are doing the same as me? If something didn't sit right with them they could have addressed it instead of jumping to conclusions. The creator should know what their doing wrong so they can stop the mistake immediately. Do you think down votes should come with feedback as to what the person is doing wrong? When I was having problems with down votes if someone told me what I was doing wrong I could have stopped it. There must of been an Easter Egg I didn't know about.

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