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How have we been indebted for the loan we have never taken?

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It is estimated that the total global debt is about $257 trillion! This is the huge huge amount of money! It is beyond imagination. $257 trillion total debt means about $36700 debt per head. We all pay taxes and also most of us don't have any personal loan. We also not get any subsidy from the governments.

If we have not taken any such loan and the governments are taking loan for development which is not anywhere, then where is the collection from taxes going?

How have we been indebted for the loan we have never taken?

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I don't know. (54.55%) 6 / 11
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This is artificially created debt which is the evil design of the rich and powerful elites. (18.18%) 2 / 11
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Other.. (18.18%) 2 / 11
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Governments are taking loans for development works and social welfare. (9.09%) 1 / 11
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