Is e-cigarette less harmful than the traditional smoking?

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E-cigarette or electronic cigarette is a device which emits nicotine vapor for the person who wish to inhale it. It is a battery operated device and is free of smoke. Traditional smoking involves emission of tar, smoke, carbon-monoxide and many other injurious substances for smokers' health and it also affects the person who indirectly inhale the smoke when a non-smoker is around a smoker. E-cigarette provides a solution of this problem as it just emits nicotine vapor that gives the same sensation to the smokers as provided by the traditional cigarette. It is also sold as the solution of smoking and smoking related problems, including withdrawal syndrome of quiting smoking.

However, it is not free of controversy. Some research says that it is more harmful than the traditional smoking, while some claim it is as carcinogenic as the traditional one. However, some research claim that it is better than the traditional smoking as it helps reduce heart related problems caused from smoking. Picture is not at clear for us.

What may be the truth? Whom should we follow?

Is e-cigarette less harmful than the traditional smoking?

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