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Which water is better for us?

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Greetings friends!

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Water forms 70 percet of our body cells. We can't live without water but, intake of contaminated water can be fatal for us. We may fell ill because of it. That's why some people prefer bottled water (it is depicted as mineral water) which reaches us in many weeks after packaging. So, it is not fresh either and also increases carbon footprint of the users. Also, packaged drinking water supply is a multi billion dollar industry.

So, what is better for us? Which water is better for us?

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Mineral water as it is clean and safe. (37.5%) 3 / 8
37.5% Complete (success)
Local water if it is fresh and clean. (37.5%) 3 / 8
37.5% Complete (success)
Local water if we have RO (reverse osmosis) filter. (12.5%) 1 / 8
12.5% Complete (success)
Other. (12.5%) 1 / 8
12.5% Complete (success)

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