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Do you face electricity problems?

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While this does not seem to be a problem in some parts of the world, Electricity is a major factor across Africa as there are constant seizures.

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I traveled to my hometown to spend the festive holidays with my family but I noticed the situation is far worse compared to where I live and this is currently affecting my activeness on Steem.

So, I am just curious to find out if people from around the world experience such situations this too!

Thank you for your time!

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I am not faced with electricity problems/seizures (56.25%) 9 / 16
56.25% Complete (success)
I rarely experience seizures (once in a blue moon) (18.75%) 3 / 16
18.75% Complete (success)
It happens almost every week (12.5%) 2 / 16
12.5% Complete (success)
It happens once in a while (6.25%) 1 / 16
6.25% Complete (success)
It happens every now and then (6.25%) 1 / 16
6.25% Complete (success)

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