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This initiative is to reward the best poll created at dpoll and a random voter on daily basis.

The author of the best poll wins 3 SBI units while a random voted will win an SBI unit.

Moreover, there is a 1 steem bounty for those who provide additional feedbacks based on the poll(s) selected or something meaningful.

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Winner Announcement.

The winner of the best poll of Friday June 28th and the lucky random voter were @mattockfs and @vimukthi respectively. Read the full details here


29 polls were created at dpoll on Saturday, same number created on Friday.

Below are the selected polls for best poll of Saturday 06/07/2019 (in an order of when they were created);

  1. How are you feeling being on Steem Blockchain? Asked by @syyed Link to poll

  2. Do You Have A Strategy When It Comes To Purchasing Booster Packs Vs Essence Orbs? Asked by @vimukthi Link to poll

  3. Is It Worth To Deal With Airdrops? Asked by @deathcross Link to Poll

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@akomoajong 07/07/2019

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@deathcross (54.55%) 12 / 22
54.55% Complete (success)
@vimukthi (31.82%) 7 / 22
31.82% Complete (success)
@syyed (9.09%) 2 / 22
9.09% Complete (success)
Neutral/None of the above (4.55%) 1 / 22
4.55% Complete (success)

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