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This initiative is to reward the best poll created at dpoll and a random voter on daily basis.

The author of the best poll wins 3 SBI units while a random voted will win an SBI unit.

Moreover, there is a 1 steem bounty for those who provide additional feedbacks based on the poll(s) selected or something meaningful.

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Winner Announcement.

The winner of the best poll of Saturday June 29th and the lucky random voter were @deathcross and @maxer27 respectively. Read the full details here


26 polls were created at dpoll on Sunday, 3 less than the 29 polls created on Saturday.

Below are the selected polls for best poll of Sunday 07/07/2019 (in an order of when they were created);

  1. Are you a Crypto Maximalist or a Crypto Pluralist? Asked by @demotruk Link to poll

  2. Do You Take Vacations? Asked by @deathcross Link to poll

  3. LEO / PAL / SNAX / BATTLE / SPT / DEC Tokens / SM Cards Giveaway #9 by @axeman Link to Poll

Keep voting on polls for a better chance of being selected!

Voters Giveaway

Make sure to vote at dpoll and stand a chance to win an SBI unit.

One Steem account equals one vote!


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@akomoajong 08/07/2019

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@axeman (45.83%) 11 / 24
45.83% Complete (success)
@demotruk (20.83%) 5 / 24
20.83% Complete (success)
@deathcross (20.83%) 5 / 24
20.83% Complete (success)
Neutral/None of the above (12.5%) 3 / 24
12.5% Complete (success)

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