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dPoll Post: Best Poll Of Tuesday 14-05-2019-065

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Winner Announcement

  • @emrebeyler ended winning the best poll of Monday May 6th. The prize has been awarded!

  • As it stands, the winner of the best poll of Tuesday May 7th is yet to be known as the poll is still open to votes. Selections are @okiedokieboi @xplosive @maxer27

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18 polls were created at dpoll on Tuesday, 4 less than the 22 created on Monday.

Below are the selected polls for best poll of Tuesday 14/05/2019 (in an order of when they were created);

  1. Should we try to preserve our planet's ecosystem or let it destroy and find a suitable planet to settle our colonies? Asked by @erica005 Link to poll

  2. What Are Your Thoughts On IEOs? Asked by @vimukthi Link to Poll

  3. Do you think it's ethical for athletes to dive at the finish line in order to win? Asked by @erikahfit Link to Poll

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@akomoajong 15/05/2019

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