Dpoll Post: Should I Launch My Best Poll Initiative?

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Like I always say, dpoll and Partiko are the only two dApps on Steem that I love, support and promote.

I am currently supporting and promoting partiko in many ways but not dpoll, I think.

For a long time, I have been thinking about starting up an initiative to award the best polls at dpoll.xyz on a daily basis but I always feel I will not be consistent with it because I will always be faced with my offline responsibilities at certain points in time.

So, I had decided to let things low and wait for the perfect time (seems to be in July) which might not end up being the perfect time.

Now, I am thinking about starting it and if it happens that I might be away, or run short funds to sponsor it or any other complications, I will pause or stop it.

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What is the plan?

For a day, I will select my three best polls of the previous day and make a poll which allows dpollers/Steemians to vote for the best poll (from my selection) within seven days. After the poll closes in seven days, the winner gets 1 SBI unit (currently $0.54).

This is just a summary of the plan, the rules will clear doubts of some cases.

You might wonder if this will be profitable to me but I am not thinking about that. After all, it is somehow not different from the daily sbi giveaways running on dpoll.

What do you think?

Please vote at dpoll.xyz and maybe propose a suggestion or more.

Thank you for your time!


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@akomoajong 11/03/2019

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