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SBI or SPORTS token giveaway #13

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The winner of previous giveaway


Well since there are way too many votes , I will give away to 2 people .

1st winner -> @fredkese You requested SBI share and It has been sent.

2nd winner->@vimukthi You requested sports token , I will send 350 instead of 250 due to low prices .

Few rules from now on guys . 1. Vote the post ( It doesn't matter how much , even 1% vote is enough ) 2. Vote via Dpoll only :)

Lets go again , you have 24 hours to vote . Good luck .

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I want SBI share (81.25%) 26 / 32
81.25% Complete (success)
I want 400 SPORTS token (18.75%) 6 / 32
18.75% Complete (success)

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