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SBI/Incinboost Giveaway #11 winner announcement + Dpoll giveaway #12

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So yesterday I created a poll asking people to vote for either SBI or Incinboost share .

Total members voted in my last post - 19 So I am happy about the number of participants so there will be two winners .

  • 1st winner will get SBI/ IncinBoost

  • 2nd winner will also get SBI/IncinBoost

  • 1st winner is

Congrats @vimukthi , you wanted SBI share so here it is .

  • 2nd winner is

Share sent :) congrats @mooe

Well this was great so why not do it again ,same rules.

If you want to support , please tag one or more friends so that they can also participate .

So, Just vote for any one , I will pick

  • 1 winner randomly if total people voted < 25
  • 2 winners if total people voted > 25

I will use to pick the winner/winners.

Here are the participants in all my giveaways , so come participate again guys :) If you want me to stop tagging , please leave a comment asking to remove.

and the following people have participated in my giveaway till now . @isnochys,@xplosive,@abbak7,@vimukthi,@bluerobo,@akomoajong,@von-doom @dera123,@cst90,@syyed,@morningshine,@hafizullah,@aftabkhan10,@masoom @amico,@armorfly,@deathcross,@d-zero,@samsemilia7,@rem-steem,@jeffjagoe,@chrisparis,@incubot,@playdice,@trincowski,@sgbonus,@snorcity,@onze,@mandeep17,@guurry123, @mk992039,@sukha,@jeffjagoe,,@preparedwombat, @snook,@bobskibob, @psos,@spooks,@mastergerund,@mooe,@w88 , @acidmaster .

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I want SBI shares (70.83%) 17 / 24
70.83% Complete (success)
I want Incinboost shares (29.17%) 7 / 24
29.17% Complete (success)

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