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Do you encounter an error when you visit a specific poll of mine?

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Error page at dPoll.io error page at dPoll.io

I see the error whenever I go to my poll page at https://dpoll.io/detail/@anonymouser/which-is-the-least-evil-among-the-big-tech-companies/. It used to work properly before. In fact, 3 have already responded with "Apple", 1 with "Microsoft", 1 with "Google", and 2 with "Other" (wherein they said that all the Big Tech companies are equally evil). My other polls load properly (so far).

Do you experience the same problem when going to my poll?

Also, if you have any idea as to what is causing the problem, please add it to your response on dPoll, or simply comment it here. Thanks!

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Yes, but I do **not** know what causes the error (55.56%) 5 / 9
55.56% Complete (success)
No, it works fine here (44.44%) 4 / 9
44.44% Complete (success)

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