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What comes to your mind when you see my username?

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funny robot image from Pixabay source

This post is just for fun. I want to take a break (again) from all the bad news the world presents to us during these times.

What comes to your mind when you see the username @anonymouser?

You may select multiple options. Also, if you don't mind, please specify why you have made your choice(s), especially when you selected the "Other" option.

Thank you for participating!

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A combination of the words "anonymous" and "user" (53.85%) 7 / 13
53.85% Complete (success)
A cat (or other animal) named "Anony" who hunts mice for a living (23.08%) 3 / 13
23.08% Complete (success)
Somebody who is more anonymous than usual (the adjective "anonymous" plus the comparative postfix -"er") (15.38%) 2 / 13
15.38% Complete (success)
Other (7.69%) 1 / 13
7.69% Complete (success)

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