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10 questions for you - answer as truthfully as possible

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This is a short fun quiz and my answers are in the animated video link below.

  1. What shows are you into?
  2. What's your claim to fame?
  3. Are you usually early or late?
  4. What quirks do you have?
  5. What's your favorite drink, color, art, music, movie?
  6. What's your dream car?
  7. What songs have you completely memorized?
  8. What job would you be terrible at?
  9. What skill would you like to master?
  10. What would you prefer your perfect room to look like?

Original TikTok video Imgur

I recently started to make animated videos for TikTok and it is quite fun. If you find this quiz interesting make your own - written article, audio recording or video - and leave me a link below either on HIVE blog post or on TikTok.

TikTok is a popular social platform for short videos, it would be super cool to be able to create a video preview for the TikTok same as we have for the YouTube videos.

Poll question: Do you have or use TikTok, share your username ( if you want to) and what do you think about it?

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Looks fun, but it is not for me. (42.86%) 6 / 14
42.86% Complete (success)
Not interested... (28.57%) 4 / 14
28.57% Complete (success)
For now, I am just occasionally watching... (21.43%) 3 / 14
21.43% Complete (success)
I have an account but not active (7.14%) 1 / 14
7.14% Complete (success)

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