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GIVEAWAY: Pick one fortune from the list, receive HIVE tip and votes on your posts

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Let's share some good will and luck. I have a giveaway and this one is actually cool.

An each charm is worth 50% of daily votes from me and trail which will be split to the winners, this will grow in the future, so reserve your place. The more vote power I have, the more worth an each of these fancy charms will have.

What to do?

Pick one charm that you like, and then wait. I will announce winners under the post and send tips in the wallets. Winners will be added to the reward list for the trail in Hive.Vote. Whenever they publish something on HIVE blockchain, votes will come. If winners want to reward other people, they may mention their tag in the comments under the chosen posts, either #auralwealth or #auralbeuty. I will receive notifications and manually reward posts.

What is the worth?

For now these two charms are completely identical in worth, not much of it, the difference is only your personal preference - would you like that luck cherished your wealth, or beauty. In the future the more worth your posts together win, the bigger percentage of the vote the individual group will get.

What is the plan?

An each week more people will be added to the giveaway and rewards will be recalculated and explained. An each week I will publish individual and cumulative results of both charm groups.

What we can not do?

You can lose the charm if you post plagiarized content, or not win it if you profile is compromised. If you stop posting for a week, you lose charm and have to reapply again. If you spam tag, you will get blacklisted.

I think this is OK idea but I hate to post....

You can follow my trail with or send a small delegation and get curation rewards.

You can delegate with hivesigner link, add your name and how much HP ( number only) you wanna delegate. If you wanna delegate use same link just put zero instead.;=aschatria&vesting;_shares=HIVEPOWER%20HP


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I pick Wealth (50.0%) 3 / 6
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I pick Beauty (50.0%) 3 / 6
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