LEO / PAL / SNAX / BATTLE / SPT / DEC Tokens / SM Cards Giveaway #9

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Welcome to daily TOKENS / SM CARDS giveaway (about 24hrs period)

Celebrating just over one week from beginning of this giveaway, let's make it even more fun and add some new tokens flowing around the steemit lately. So you can win some and start your investments/stake in all those interesting projects. If you are not sure what they all about, links added

The amount maybe adjusted day by day depending on a current market price, but lets start from some initial point and good luck!

All you have to do is to comment with your choice via dpoll. Winner will be chosen via Steem Comment Picker

Rules: - 25+ reputation only - No upvote / No follow / No resteeem - If your Splinterlands name differs from Steemit, pls edit/add to your comment after voting done



And the winner of the Day #8 is @vimukthi. You will get CARD shortly!

Calling all previous winners further to participate: @maxer27 @brancarosamel @d-zero @laqsking @abbak7 @bearbear613 @steemcameroon @vimukthi

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0.2 PAL / www.palnet.io (34.38%) 11 / 32
34.38% Complete (success)
0.34 LEO / www.steemleo.com (34.38%) 11 / 32
34.38% Complete (success)
15 DEC / Dark Energy Crystals / steemmonsters.com (21.88%) 7 / 32
21.88% Complete (success)
3 BATTLE / www.battlegames.io (6.25%) 2 / 32
6.25% Complete (success)
Silvershield Archers / Life Splinter (3.12%) 1 / 32
3.12% Complete (success)

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