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UFC 250: Nunes v. Spencer [06.06.2020]

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Another weekend, another UFC fight card. This time the main event is a womens fight. Dana White has come a long way from saying that women will never fight in the UFC to having them headline a stacked fight card.

UFC 250 will take place in their own facility in Las Vegas, the UFC APEX.

YouToube clips about the upcoming fight card:

UFC 250 Countdown

UFC 250 Coutdown - Nunes v Spencer

Spencer v Fairn

Nunes v Cyborg

Who is going to win?

List of UFC events: Wikipedia

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Nunes wins by KO/TKO (40.0%) 2 / 5
40.0% Complete (success)
Spencer wins by KO/TKO (20.0%) 1 / 5
20.0% Complete (success)
Nunes wins by Decision (20.0%) 1 / 5
20.0% Complete (success)
Spencer wins by Decision (20.0%) 1 / 5
20.0% Complete (success)

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