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UFC 250: Wineland v. O'Malley [06.06.2020]

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Amanda Nunes and Felicia Spencer are headlining UFC 250. Let's not forget that this is another stacked card with great fighters. Among them potentially another Connor McGregor like character in Sean O'Malley against the veteran Eddie Wineland in the Bantamweight division.

UFC 250 will take place in their own facility in Las Vegas, the UFC APEX.

YouToube clips about the upcoming fight card:

UFC 250 Open Mat Breakdown

Who is going to win?

List of UFC events: Wikipedia

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O'Malley wins by Decision (66.67%) 2 / 3
66.67% Complete (success)
Wineland wins by KO/TKO (33.33%) 1 / 3
33.33% Complete (success)

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