UFC 272: Covington v Masvidal [05.03.2022]

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UFC 271 will take place at the T-Mobile Arena in Paradise, Nevada.

This match is about nothing more than settling a long running feud. Colby Covington is facing Jorge Masvidal. They used to be best friends and training partners until they had a falling out and Chaos left American Top Team. Ever since then, Chaos has been hurling insults at Gamebread like there is no tomorrow. Both are top-notch trash-talkers.

Both suffered two losses against the current champ in their division, Kamaru Usman.

This match could either be very spectacular or very boring.

His wrestling, age and durability make Colby a massive betting favorite as of now. Can Masvidal draw from his long career as a striker and pull out another upset, like he did against Ben Askren?

Dan Hardy giving us all the facts we need:

Colby Covington v Jorge Masvidal Tactical Breakdown | UFC 272 | Dan Hardy Breakdown Show


As a Masvidal fan, Teddy Atlas is giving his opinion:

How Masvidal Can Beat Covington - Teddy Atlas on Covington vs Masvidal UFC 272


As a Covington fan, Chael with his piece:

Official Prediction: Colby Covington vs Jorge Masvidal | UFC 272


Who is going to win?

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Covington wins by Decision (57.14%) 4 / 7
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Covington wins by KO/TKO/Submission (28.57%) 2 / 7
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Masvidal wins by Decision (14.29%) 1 / 7
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