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UFC on ESPN 16: Fight Island: de Randemie v Peña [04.10.2020]

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UFC on ESPN 16 will be staged at the Flash Forum in Abu Dhabi. Fight Island is back!

Germaine de Randamie is fighting Julianna Peña in the bantam weight division. This is the second headline fight in that division before the Holly Holm versus Irene Aldana bout. UFC 245: Amanda Nunes vs Germaine de Randamie Recap

MMA WATCH: Spotlight | Julianna Pena

General MMA news from MMA FOCUS: BREAKING! UFC Approves Conor McGregor vs Manny Pacquiao bout, Dana White, Covington v Jorge Masvidal

Who is going to win?

List of UFC events: Wikipedia

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de Randemie wins by KO/TKO (33.33%) 2 / 6
33.33% Complete (success)
Peña wins by KO/TKO (33.33%) 2 / 6
33.33% Complete (success)
Peña wins by Decision (33.33%) 2 / 6
33.33% Complete (success)

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