YouTube v MMA : Ben Askren v Jake Paul [17.04.2021]

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Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren will compete in a professional boxing match on May 17th in Atlanta, Georgia. It is exclusively available on pay-per-view at

Chael Sonnen: What did we learn from Ben Askren / Jake Paul press conference?

Ben Askren is one of the most accomplished MMA fighers. He built his career on superior wrestling and the take-down threat to defend against striking, while being one of the worst strikers do ever compete in MMA.

Jake Paul is famous for doing pranks on YouTube - or something. He is an athletic guy who seems to have been putting in serious work over the past 3 years to become good at boxing. Jake's training footage certainly looks like he can hit hard and fast.

Ben started as an underdog on the betting lines. That seems to have flipped since the press conference.

Chael Sonnen: Is Ben Askren right about Jake Paul?

Ben Askren on Logan Paul's podcast: The Ben Askren Interview: Knocking Out Jake Paul - IMPAULSIVE EP. 272

James Lynch interview: Ben Askren's Main Training Partner 'Biggie' Rhodes on Jake Paul fight

Complete Fight Club press conference: Jake Paul & Ben Askren OFFICIAL PRESS CONFERENCE & FACE-OFF

Who is going to win?

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Askren wins by Decision (37.5%) 3 / 8
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Paul wins by KO/TKO (12.5%) 1 / 8
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This is a disgrace to boxing and MMA (12.5%) 1 / 8
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