earning cryptocurrency on hive ! whats your favorite method

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As we know in hive there are many ways we can earn hive cryptocurrency. Be it by blogging , commenting , curating , playing games or by just simply entering contests.

now I'm sure that everyone is trying to do all the above to maximize they they crypto earnings.

The question is where is most of the hive earnings coming from.

Let me know in comments if i have forgotten any other way you can earn cryptocurrency on this blockchain.

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I earn most by blogging, posting (37.04%) 10 / 27
37.04% Complete (success)
i earn more by commenting (22.22%) 6 / 27
22.22% Complete (success)
i get most of my cryptocurrency by curating content (22.22%) 6 / 27
22.22% Complete (success)
i love earning crypto by playing games (14.81%) 4 / 27
14.81% Complete (success)
I'm the contest master i earn most of my hive by winning contests (3.7%) 1 / 27
3.7% Complete (success)

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