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Build-Contest: Vote for the Winners of our DIY Contest

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Last week a DIY contest by a community member (@mobi72) was intitiated here. Participants had one week to submit their entries and now it is time to determine the first, second and third place winners. The winners be choosen depending on this dpoll and they will get 1000, 500 & 250 Liquid BUILD tokens for the first, second and third position. Everyone is encouraged to vote.

The entries to the contest are the following:

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How to create a homemade stove with two cans (34.38%) 11 / 32
34.38% Complete (success)
Decorate your home with recycled material (28.12%) 9 / 32
28.12% Complete (success)
Didactic box (28.12%) 9 / 32
28.12% Complete (success)
RetoTop10/La cajita de las flores... (6.25%) 2 / 32
6.25% Complete (success)
Small purse made with recycled milk carton. (3.12%) 1 / 32
3.12% Complete (success)

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