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Do you use STEEMReply to communicate on STEEM?

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Yesterday, I dPolled about using @ginabot for my notifications. This is very helpful to keep me on track and let me know important STEEM information.

I use steemreply when I am ready to answer and look at those notifications. This program by @arcange has really changed my STEEM life for the better.

I get hundreds of notifications a week for my 3 blogs. All three are set up in steemreply, and I can move between them easily. Each blog has a tab for “comments” and “mentions” and I can go between those quickly too.

I can answer the latest or earliest notifications by switching the sort.

I can tag the person I am replying to with one click.

I can set up standard text for things I often say.

The time savings is enormous and so helpful.

I answer the “important” comments quickly. Then each day or so I take 20 minutes per blog (set my phone alarm) and power through all the rest.

It is very important to stay engaged on STEEM. Having conversations is the most important way to do that. STEEMReply is my top resource and I think you will like it too.

You and find STEEMReply here and set it up very easily: https://steemreply.com/

And here is a post past payout by @arcange telling how to set up standard text templates:


How about you? Do you already use STEEMReply, or would you like to try now? Please let me know your experience, and give me additional information in your comment if you have any. I want to hear from you.

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I have heard of STEEMReply before and do not want to try. (33.33%) 5 / 15
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I have not heard of STEEMReply before and now I will try it. (33.33%) 5 / 15
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I have not heard of STEEMReply before but do not want to try. (20.0%) 3 / 15
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I already use STEEMReply and it helps me. (13.33%) 2 / 15
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