Do you use the SteemPeak dApp on STEEM?

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The SteemPeak dApp is currently number 17 of the STEEM dApps according to the rankings at The State of the dApps and it is Number 62 overall. SteemPeak is also Number 4 in its SOTD “Media” category.

In order to use SteemPeak effectively, you need to go to their site

There you can post, read other posts, do wallet transactions, and anything else you need to do on STEEM.

The developers are updating continually based on the requests and needs of the people who use the site and changes within the STEEM ecosystem.

I have never used SteemPeak. I mostly use dApps that pay in upvotes when you post with them, which SteemPeak does not do.

I have only gone in there a few times when led by links and get out after that. It seems cluttered to me with many options I do not need. For example I have no tribes or favorite curators, which are two things front and center.

How about you? Please tell me your experience along with any tips and tricks. I want to hear from you. Maybe I am missing out on something good.

Thank you for answering my dpoll!

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Yes, I use SteemPeak often for my steem work, but not exclusively. (56.25%) 9 / 16
56.25% Complete (success)
No, I do not use the SteemPeak dApp. I’ve only seen others use it and want to try. (18.75%) 3 / 16
18.75% Complete (success)
No, I do not use the SteemPeak dApp. I’ve only seen others use it and do not want to try. (18.75%) 3 / 16
18.75% Complete (success)
Yes, I use the SteemPeak dApp daily to post and do everything else. (6.25%) 1 / 16
6.25% Complete (success)

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