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dPoll Did you reset your autovoting time yet?

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dpoll Did you reset your autovoting time_ bxlphabet.jpg

With our NewSTEEM paradigm, the optimal voting time is 5 minutes after a post comes out. It used to be 15 minutes and now it is not.

You will get better curation rewards if you change the time.

Anything before 5 minutes gives money back to the STEEM reward pool. You do not get any of that and nor does the person you voted for.

Anything after 5 minutes is fine. But the sooner you get in before other voters, the better since you will get "credit" for their vote that followed you and additional reward.

Did you already change the time or are you going to?

Please let me know any additional information in the comments if you have some, I want to hear from you!

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I do not autovote, so I have no time to change. (52.63%) 10 / 19
52.63% Complete (success)
Yes, I did change my autovoting time. (26.32%) 5 / 19
26.32% Complete (success)
No, I did not change my autovoting time and now I will. (15.79%) 3 / 19
15.79% Complete (success)
No, I did not change my autovoting timeand I won't. I don't care because it is not enough STEEM value to matter. (5.26%) 1 / 19
5.26% Complete (success)

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