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dpoll Have you been using the steemit dApp to post on STEEM?

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dpoll Do you use the steemit dApp on STEEM bxlphabet.jpg

Are you using the steemit dApp to post on STEEM now? It seems like some people are returning to it in order to post to the hive tags.

I have been experimenting with the new tags. It seems like you can use them on any dApp. As long as your hive tag is in one of the first five positions, your post will show up in the feed of the hive.

I use dApps that pay me for using them in upvotes or tokens. Some of them require their own tag in the first position, o I cannot put the hive tag there.

My favorites of the dApps are: dpoll ntopaz esteem busy travelfeed tasteem

How about you? Are you back on steemit, or did you never leave? Where do you like to post from? Please give me any information in your comments. I want to hear from you.

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I sometimes post with steemit but don't really have reasons for when I use it. (62.5%) 5 / 8
62.5% Complete (success)
I am using steemit to post hive posts now. (12.5%) 1 / 8
12.5% Complete (success)
I do not post with steemit and use the dApps listed in this cooment. (12.5%) 1 / 8
12.5% Complete (success)
Other (please tell me more!) (12.5%) 1 / 8
12.5% Complete (success)

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