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dPoll Have you tried posting to CCC - the Curation Circle Creed?

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dPoll Have you answered CCC's invitation to post bxlphabet.jpg

The CCC I am talking about for this dPoll is the Curation Circle Creed, not CreativeCoin.

CCC has been in business over a year now. It helps small blogs grow with contests and connections. But you do not have to be a small blog to post there – any STEEMer can join in.

This is the brainchild of @freedomshift, and rewards people every week in various contests:

On Mondays, @wakeupkitty runs:

-Tell me what the letters CCC mean to you

On Wednesdays, @freedomshift runs:

  • What does today mean to you?

On Thursdays, @marblely runs:

  • Thursday Favourites with a weekly theme

On Saturdays, @wakeupkitty runs:

  • Looking Back/Look Forward Contest

And a couple times a week, @stever82 offers

  • Steem Monsters, SBI, or PAL tokens in Giveaway posts.

@stever82's giveaway only requires a comment. The other contests ask you to: - write 200+ words - answer the question - use the invitation - use the tag #ccc - use the contest title in your title/article - drop your post link in the contest post

These contest posts are not hard and give amazing rewards. I usually enter all of them each week with my @fitinfunfood blog, and end up getting sbi shares and wallet transfers often. I also get good upvotes on my posts.

If you are looking for good places to post on STEEM, I highly suggest checking out these contests. You can always find a current contest list @team-ccc.

I know you will have the same success as I do if you give CCC a try, and I hope to see you there.

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I did not know about CCC contests, and will give it a try. (50.0%) 8 / 16
50.0% Complete (success)
I did not know about CCC Contests, but I do not want to try. (31.25%) 5 / 16
31.25% Complete (success)
I already post to CCC Contests. (12.5%) 2 / 16
12.5% Complete (success)
Other (please tell me more!) (6.25%) 1 / 16
6.25% Complete (success)

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