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dPoll SPUD 9 is coming Jan 1 2020. Are you in?

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It might be just a couple of days before Chrismas, but I am thinking of New Years already. Jan 1 is the date of SPUD 9, and it's is not too soon to be preparing for it.

I will be participating again for this STEEM Power Up Day initiated by @streetstyle. He already has posts on his feed about SPUD 9 and this is one of them with a lot of details:

If you are not eligible to SPUD, please consider offering a prize. This contest is very motivating for smaller accounts who are increasing SP. The more prizes, the better! Thank you to those offering prizes already. We are all so grateful to you!

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The idea of this challenge is that you power up some STEEM to SP each first of the month. I have been entering most of the SPUDs and power up as much STEEM as I can. The last couple of months I powered up enough to get into the top 20 SPUDers, and win some SBI shares :)

I use the “Savings” area of my STEEM wallet and add some STEEM to it each time I claim rewards throughout the month. Instead of scrambling to find STEEM at the end of the month, now I have it ready to go.

I just need to remember to get the savings transferred back to the regular part of my wallet 3 days ahead of the 1st since this is a limit on our STEEM savings account.

Aside from the benefit of growing your SP with SPUD you can win prizes over there too. One thing you have to do to be in line for the prizes is to have a post on your blog before the event, so be sure and publish one now if you are in and hope to win a prize.

Another benefit of SPUD is all the new connections I have made on STEEM with supporters and participants. These are people who care about the future of STEEM and I am so glad to be connected to them now.

How about you? Are you a SPUDer on STEEM? Please let me know your experience, and give me additional information in your comment if you have any. I want to hear from you.

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I have done other SPUD’s and I will power up for this one too. (62.5%) 5 / 8
62.5% Complete (success)
I will power up for SPUD 9 and this will be the first time. (12.5%) 1 / 8
12.5% Complete (success)
I have participated in other SPUDs but will not for SPUD 9. (12.5%) 1 / 8
12.5% Complete (success)
I do not SPUD. (12.5%) 1 / 8
12.5% Complete (success)

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