Do you support the recent decision of Steemit Inc to show Ads on ?

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Steemit Inc has recently announced that they will start showing ads on their website to help cover some of their operating costs:

> In order to sustainably pay for those expenses, revenue must be generated which is why we are working to integrate advertisements into Ads are the most established and mature method for monetizing web interfaces which makes them the most promising opportunity for monetizing -- Source

What are your thoughts on the subject?

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I think Steemit Inc made the right decision (28.05%) 23 / 82
28.05% Complete (success)
I would support ads if they were paid for with Steem or SBD (21.95%) 18 / 82
21.95% Complete (success)
I will visit different steem explorers with no ads, like or (12.2%) 10 / 82
12.2% Complete (success)
I don't mind ads (10.98%) 9 / 82
10.98% Complete (success)
I find Ads annoying (9.76%) 8 / 82
9.76% Complete (success)
I will support Steemit Inc by clicking on their ads (8.54%) 7 / 82
8.54% Complete (success)
I will turn on adblocker when I visit (7.32%) 6 / 82
7.32% Complete (success)
I think its the wrong decision (1.22%) 1 / 82
1.22% Complete (success)

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