How many of you are buying Steem to play Games?

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I believe Steem has a bright future ahead and this is mostly due to the success of some of the games that has been released recently that attract a lot of users: Steem Monsters & Drug Wars.

I want to know how many people actually buy steem to play these games, it would be interesting to see if Steem games can create some buy pressure.

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No, I have used the Steem I already had and gain from posting and curation (56.0%) 28 / 50
56.0% Complete (success)
Yes, I have bought Steem on exchanges to later spend them on games. (38.0%) 19 / 50
38.0% Complete (success)
I dont play either of those silly games! (6.0%) 3 / 50
6.0% Complete (success)

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