What's your favorite Springtime dCrops seed card? Chunky Soup Daily dPoll #9

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It's Spring in dCrops and that means it's time to plant some Springtime NFT Seed cards.


Which Seed card is your favorite?

  • Broccoli; Time Required to Grow : 5 Days, Quantity Produced : 2, Base Selling Price : 7 Shares each, no inherit special ability
  • Kale; Time Required to Grow : 6 Days, Quantity Produced : 2, Base Selling Price : 7 Shares each, no inherit special ability
  • Cauliflower; Time Required to Grow : 10 Days, Quantity Produced : 1, Base Selling Price : 24 Shares each, no inherit special ability
  • Potato; Time Required to Grow : 7 Days, Quantity Produced : 7, Base Selling Price : 10 Shares each, 25% chance to get multiple crops a harvest
  • Strawberry; Time Required to Grow : 3 Days, Quantity Produced : 4, Base Selling Price : 7 Shares each, Keeps producing to the season ends

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Broccoli (66.67%) 4 / 6
66.67% Complete (success)
Kale (16.67%) 1 / 6
16.67% Complete (success)
Strawberry (16.67%) 1 / 6
16.67% Complete (success)

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