Do you agree with the upcoming stats update on Prince Rennyn? (Splinterlands and SBI Giveaway #9)

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A balance change in the Splinterlands

Ever since the game started, the developers behind the Splinterlands have always made it clear that they want players to be able to enjoy a fun and balanced game. In a trading card game, this means ensuring that no single card is so powerful that they render the rest of the cards on the deck useless and/or obsolete.

So, it's no surprise that the Splinterlands announced that they will be changing the stats for Prince Rennyn, arguably the most powerful summoner and all-around OP card in the game, in an effort to make him "a bit less dominant".

The change is taking place today and will alter the card's buffs from the current [+2 Health, +1 Range] to it's new [+1 Health, +1 Range, +1 Speed] buffs. So, the card isn't exactly being nerfed. After all, the loss in health points is being replaced by additional speed points. Nonetheless, this is going to alter how players use him moving forward. And as part of the Earth Splinter, whose strength lies in their health, this could be a game-changer.

This made wonder how players feel about the upcoming change in Prince Rennyn's stats.


The Giveaway

Because the Splinterlands tribe is such a giving and generous community, it only makes sense that I add a little giveaway to this poll.

For those who participate, one randomly chosen winner will get the double prize of two (2) SBI Shares and a Common Gold Foil Silvershield Archers.

There is also a 2 STEEM Bounty for insightful and interesting comments.

You can read more about the rules here.


The Poll Question:

Do you agree with the upcoming stats update on Prince Rennyn?

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Yes. He is really an OP card, changing his stats is the only way to address him. (41.38%) 12 / 29
41.38% Complete (success)
It doesn't matter. Prince Rennyn does not affect my gameplay. (37.93%) 11 / 29
37.93% Complete (success)
I don't play Splinterlands (a.k.a. Steem Monsters). (10.34%) 3 / 29
10.34% Complete (success)
I have something else to say... (6.9%) 2 / 29
6.9% Complete (success)
Yes. I don't really agree with changing his stats, but at least something is being done. (3.45%) 1 / 29
3.45% Complete (success)

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