Guilds are coming, will you be joining one? (Splinterlands and SBI Giveaway #11)

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Teaming Up in the Splinterlands

It's finally happening. The Splinterlands is almost ready to launch guilds into the game. This will add another dimension to the game, by allowing players to battle as a team and grow their decks together.

The Guilds will also serve as another sink for DEC Tokens, with Guild Owners and Members expected to be spending DECs on their Guilds in one way or another. No wonder people are buying up DECs on the market. They're probably stacking up in preparation for the Guilds.

So, will you be joining a guild once they are released?


The Giveaway

Because the Splinterlands tribe is such a giving and generous community, it only makes sense that I add a little giveaway to this post.

For those who participate, one randomly chosen winner will get the double prize of two (2) SBI Shares and a Common Gold Foil Sea Genie.

There is also a 2 STEEM Bounty for insightful and interesting comments.

You can read more about the rules here.


The Poll Question:

Will you be joining a guild, once they are launched?

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Yes. I'm just waiting for guilds to be implemented. (45.45%) 15 / 33
45.45% Complete (success)
Maybe. I'll wait for the feature to be launched, before deciding. (42.42%) 14 / 33
42.42% Complete (success)
I don't play the Splinterlands. (9.09%) 3 / 33
9.09% Complete (success)
I've got something else to say... (3.03%) 1 / 33
3.03% Complete (success)

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