SteemMonsters + SBI Shares Giveaway #7 (Yup, it's back!)

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Hey everyone! After several weeks of absence, my giveaway double prize giveaway is back. Like the previous giveaways, you will have to answer a dPoll Question to win the both the Steem Monster Card and the 2 SBI Shares. There are no runner-up prizes this time, but a 2.0 STEEM Bounty will be on hand to encourage participation.

Let's get started!


The Prizes

It's still a double prize giveaway for the winner.

#1 Common Gold Foil Creeping Ooze

Creeping Ooze_gold.png

It's probably the most versatile and sneaky card in the entire deck. As one of the few 1-manna monsters in the Splinterlands, the Creeping Ooze is a Neutral Cards that will be easy to fit in any team. Granted, it may not be worth much given its low stats, but paired with the right monster and summoner buffs and placed in a good position, this low level Gold Foil can be annoying enough to do damage.

When summoned by Malric Inferno or played side-by-side a monster with the Inspire ability, you suddenly have a 1-manna monster that causes 2 Damage. But if you get Tyrus Palladin to summon it or play it in a deck with a monster that has the Protect ability, then the Creeping Ooze's single Health Point is suddenly enough study enough to withstand a few rounds. It's definitely a staple in my deck. And even without the additional damage or armor, it's Slow ability is more than worth the 1-manna point needed to summon it.

#2 Two SBI Shares

@steembasicincome is a social experiment based on the idea of providing a universal basic income. It's purpose is "to provide every Steemian with a basic income" through upvotes that are calculated based on the number of SBI Shares you own. This prize basically enrolls you into the project.


Extra Prizes

As motivation for people to join and vote on DPoll, I will place a 2-STEEM bounty on the post. So, good luck!


How to join

All you have to do is to cast your vote on the DPoll link at the end of this post.

It's that simple. Comments are optional to win the main prize. However, it's needed to participate in the bounty.

When this post pays out after 7 days, a winner will be randomly chosen from everyone who voted on DPoll. I will post a video of the draw for you to see.

One entry per person, please.

This is a 👊 No Upvote, No Follow, No Resteem kind of giveaway. So, while appreciated, you don't have to do any of those to win the prizes.

❗️❗️ Just remember, your votes won't count unless they are cast at the DPoll link at the end of this post. ❗️❗️.


The Poll Question

How will you spend your Dark Energy Crystals (DEC)?

Steem Monsters finally has its own tokens with Dark Energy Crystals (DEC). And with it came a few use cases that have made DECs a success, at least during this intial launch phase. What will you be using your DECs for?

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Nothing for now. Just collect and HODL DECs. (44.44%) 20 / 45
44.44% Complete (success)
Use DECs to buy orbs, potions, and other shop goodies. (31.11%) 14 / 45
31.11% Complete (success)
Trade DECs for STEEM and other cryptos. (11.11%) 5 / 45
11.11% Complete (success)
Use DECs to buy @steemmonsters votes. (8.89%) 4 / 45
8.89% Complete (success)
Trade DECs for other Steem Engine Tokens. (2.22%) 1 / 45
2.22% Complete (success)
Something else... (2.22%) 1 / 45
2.22% Complete (success)

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