Which Splinterlands update are you most excited about? (Splinterlands and SBI Giveaway #8)

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Development in the Splinterlands

The Splinterlands is on fire. It's arguably the most engaging and popular DApp on Steem. So, it's no surprise that from just a bunch of cards people buy and collect a year ago, it is now a fully-functional collectible card game with its own token economy with a growing community of active gamers dedicated to playing the game almost everyday.

Like I said, Splinterlands is on fire. And in the past few days, the team behind Splinterlands has just released a bunch of development updates that made this already fun game even more exciting.

It made me wonder which of the new developments Splinterlands players and the general public are most excited about.


The Giveaway

The Splinterlands tribe is such a giving and generous community. So, it only makes sense that I add a little giveaway to this poll.

For those who participate in the poll, one randomly chosen winner will get the double prize of two (2) SBI Shares and a Common Gold Foil Sea Genie.

There is also a bounty for insightful and interesting comments.

You can read more about the rules here.


The Poll Question:

Which Splinterlands update are you most excited about?

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Mobile app. Not yet released, but I need to play Splinterlands on the go. (35.29%) 12 / 34
35.29% Complete (success)
Asynchronous tournaments. Not yet released, but I would like to join tournaments even when I'm offline. (20.59%) 7 / 34
20.59% Complete (success)
Splintertalk.io. A new token to HODL and a place for Splinterlands-related content (14.71%) 5 / 34
14.71% Complete (success)
Guilds. Not yet released, but it will be great to organize and grow together with friends. (14.71%) 5 / 34
14.71% Complete (success)
I don't play Splinterlands or Steem Monsters. (8.82%) 3 / 34
8.82% Complete (success)
Tournament updates. From private tournaments to Steem-Engine tokens used as prizes and entry-fees. (5.88%) 2 / 34
5.88% Complete (success)

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