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Comment and get steem added to dustsweeper #5 Giveway

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Hey! Alot of people do giveways for different stuff and I wanna be on the bandwagon! Hehe.

Vote/Comment through @dpoll.curation and you will get a share of the payout added to your @dustsweeper balance which upvote your comments over the threshold!

Rules: You don't have to upvote this post in order to receive a bit of steem to dustsweeper, but it will make the pool bigger so everybody will get a bigger piece of the pie :D You DO have to vote through @dpoll.curation in order to receive any reward.

Learn more about @Dustsweeper Dustsweeper is an initiative supported by Witness @danielsaori. @danielsaori is also one of the co-founders, together with @davemccoy. Their shared vision is to help newcomers grow and prosper in the STEEM universe.

Seeing a 2 cents profit turn into dust doesn't sound like much, but for someone new, it can make all the difference. @dustsweeper is trying to prevent that potential disappointment by helping protect those tiny profits

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