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Are you planning on moving residence due to tax/economic reasons?

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Good economic education is more important than ever. It's no because people must b forced to make more money. It's because there has been too much bad education that can soon make even basic stuff prohibitively expensive to purchase. COVID-19 lockdowns have had the economy and farmers REKT.

Even celebrity investor Graham Stephan who has been a California fanboy has decided to leave the state. Tax, regulation and opportunity was too unfavorable even for him.

He Isn't The Only One

Leaving Will be Increasingly More Difficult

Exit taxes are likely to be the norm very soon. This could be for leaving a state o leaving a country. If you have any plans to leave, this might be the best time even.

What Real Economic Education Should Look Like

I've also started publishing a series on economic education from the material I've come to study on the subject as I learn them. You can read the 1st part here:

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