Beatrix Ironhand: Did you get airdropped? Did you buy? Did you get them from packs?

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When you buy directly from Splinterlands you are supporting the devs directly with your money/crypto. Cool thing is every pack you buy is a chance to get yourself airdrops. This last airdrop happened some time ago. The odds were well arranged. More people got Beatrix Ironhand because it was Epic card.

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It's the 1st card that can be a ranged Monster & still attack from 1st position. Could be super important in some rule sets. Splinterlands has done a good job with teir designs. I don't recommend selling these cards unless you're going to buy some other cards or invest back in crypto. We're still at erly stages of game. these are still going to be rare collectable NFT in the future.

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I don't play Splinterlands (25.0%) 2 / 8
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