CoinMarketCap vs. CoinGecko vs. Others - What's Your Pick?

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As a crypto noob I started with CMC. It;sa simple name that's SEO friendly. It gets the job done too. In those days these were more or less just a way to track prices. These websites are evolved now.

I found recent comparison that dive deep into this comparison. As for me I liked 1H, 24H, 7D price performance shown in That's what got me 1st interested in the switch. These days I'm mostly a person occasionally using CMC and other crypto tracking sites.

For this poll I'm only asking for the website/app you use as your primary. Feel free to tell everyone about any cool new sites/apps released that offer even better features :)

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CoinGecko (75.0%) 6 / 8
75.0% Complete (success)
CoinMarketCap (25.0%) 2 / 8
25.0% Complete (success)

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