Comments vs Posts: Where do you earn your LEO?

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It's been a trend I've started to notice. I've had some comments get 150X better rewards than a post made on the same day. I'm not kidding at all.

I'm not complaining here!

It's just so wired. This video I found from PIERRE XO actually sheds some light with his experience with TikTok. Him showing his card skills was one of the least performing clips and a video of his dry hands and complaining about it got 3X better views. LEO curators are not voting on dumb content at all. I'd say we have some of the best curators on the internet on LEO.

It Could Be My Fault - It Could Be Lack of Algorithmic Shuffles

  • It's just hard to get discovered on blockchain.
  • I don't have many large voters following me. So I have less chance to be on their feeds.
  • I stake all my LEO instead of using them to promote myself.
  • Nothing lasts long on the feed of new posts
  • Good curators are already overwhelmed with reading and replying to comments

Maybe what we need is some page where users can swipe through random content based on some algorithms. I don't want this to be the main part. In fact is already a good step. What if we had another page for "Discover Hidden Gems" that focus on posts with under 10 LEO rewards and use some algorithm to recommend the to users. It'll be interesting IMHO.

It Might Mmake @leofinance Lot More Fun :)

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I earn mostly from posts (57.14%) 4 / 7
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I earn mostly from comments (28.57%) 2 / 7
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I earn almost equally from posts & comments (14.29%) 1 / 7
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