dCtiy Auctions: Have you participated?

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dCtiy is a super interesting game with good tokenomics. It's got many things going for it. The recent updates have changed things to become even better. One of the old features has been made even better.

Auction: Gamified Purchasing

  • You've got limited time for bids
  • closing time for bid is given as a range
  • You can bid very low amounts until you get outbid
  • You have to use specific tokens for bids

I Found It Super Cheap

BATTLE cost next to nothing. I have a bunch because I post gaming related content. Thought I found one of the best deals ever!

Then I Got Outbid

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I don't play dCity (75.0%) 6 / 8
75.0% Complete (success)
I occasionally participate (25.0%) 2 / 8
25.0% Complete (success)

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