Did I Do Something Smart Trying To Flip Rising Star Wristbands?

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Did you know: Wristbands can only be minted for 1 week!!! They can then get used to mint other NFTs!! Rising Star is also very under the radar!

I've missed the window to mint these NFTs & had to buy some at very high prices. They are more than 2X of what it would cost while minting is available. I can't be the only 1 doing this!

I'm Listing Wristband NFTs

I'm totally offering a good deal here :) Go check other prices! I'm not seeing a sale yet though. I'm thinking there's very little trading liquidity. This can mean good things when NFTs get sold for high prices. But jt's also a pain to have any sale pulled off.

More Than 2X ROI

I've seen list prices even 5X higher than price of 1 Starpro. If any user made a sale - congratz!!! That's some epic gains for a quick flip. I'm also considering doing the same.

This is for short term gains. I'm mostly planning on Starpro sales. Then I don't have to wait to buy from market. Time saved. BTW you can play from here. Make sure to have Hive Keychain installed. Rising Star is available on mobile too.

Your Insights Appreciated :)

Markets are down. But Starpro has remained mostly in line with Hive. Having Starpro or Starbits is almost like having Hive in a different form. So I'm cool with repeated investing into Rising Star. If you have any tips, experience or way to keep me from making a bad move.... I'm all ears.

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