Did you buy Rising Star NFT on Polygon (Matic) or Binance Smart Chain?

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I love when a Dapp I love expand into other markets. That's more exposure and more users. It's probably tough work for devs. But we've seen it giving results. Splinterlands was surely helped. Let's hope Rising Star will get the same results.

Best way to interact with either of these blockchains is by using MetaMask. You have to I'll drop tutorials on how to setup your MetaMask to interact with each of these blockchains. It's a super easy process that take few minutes.

Buy On BSC


Buy On Polygon


Buying With Pizza

You've probably seen this if you've been around https://d.buzz or commenting on my posts. It's a cool reward token that's growing into DeFi. It's created by @thebeardflex Follow him for most recent updates. He's a really cool guy :)


Let me know if you discovered Hive because of Rising Star. For the newbies..... the game is played [here.]

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Nope! I prefer to stick with Hive (71.43%) 5 / 7
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I had no idea about Rising Star (28.57%) 2 / 7
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