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Did you get any "HERO of BEYOND" NFT for purchasing Untamed Booster packs?

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Few days ago I logged into this promotion. It wasn't incliding any of the Bonus packs like in buying 100 or 500 packs. I was saving up for Land Presale & Mystery Potions. I didn't have DEC to invest.

>First Strike collectible packs will be available to purchase through the Blockchain Heroes website starting on December 15th, but Splinterlands players have the opportunity to receive one 30-card Titan Pack ($30 value) for every 50 Untamed booster packs purchased (using Credits or DEC) between Thursday, December 10th and Tuesday, December 15th, 2020!

Folks who participated should have received your NFT. It was a great opportunity to get $30 worth stuf for spending $100. You could actually buy DEC from market for much lower and only spend like $70 It was a great chance for those who had the liquidity.

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