Do you give away anonymous analytics data for crypto projects like Hive Keychain & Brave Apps?

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Let's just say I've already got huge respect for how these better crypto apps are handling user data. Usual Web 2 was is opt out instead of opt it. I sure do respect devs for asking users once and sticking with the choice. I'm making the poll because Keychain started doing this few days ago. I guess the pop up came after some update. I'm 1 of 100,000+ happy users of the extension. My life is so much easier because of Keychain. I won't be even using some Dapps if I weren't feeling the security of having Keychain!

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If you're already not using Keychain - think of it as MetaMask for Hive but run by better people. It's got some of finest Hive devs. Here's the team:

  • @stoodkev
  • @cedricguillas
  • @theghost1980
  • @nateaguila
  • @yabapmatt
  • @aggroed

I hope at least few of the names are familiar to you guys :)

There was a survey for Keychain. There's some interesting stuff there. We can expect some really cool things straight from Keychain.

Brave Is Doing Similar Things

Some people just don't mind iving up their data. Some doin't mind under certain conditions like helping out an app/dapp they like. Some like me try to be too safe just in case. Call me paranoid if you want. I hope those who opt in won't skew the data in 1 direction :)

Crypto is moving privacy in a very positive direction. I'd say it's a lot better than what GDPR did. That's free markets for you. When you give customers choice - they tend to gravitate towards whats best for them:

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