Do you use a trading bot to make $$$ while you sleep etc.?

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It's a cool idea to be able to be a part of market while you eat, sleep, travel, get sick etc. etc. Algo trading was originally a tool for large trading firms. Now you too can get access to these features. best part is you don't have to do any coding or even know any advanced trading skills.

Today I found about It's an Indian company that's super new to trading bot game. They've barely got any app installs when I check the app stores.


  • Mobile apps available
  • Trading simulator with live market data
  • Historical performance data
  • No need to learn coding
  • Works with existing brokers
  • Use bots made by others

Sounds all good - right? But it does have its downfalls. You shouldn't rush without knowing the full picture!

It's Risky!!!

It's hard to predict what's gonna happen in black swan event. You get to have your bot trading even when you sleep or get busy. But it's still got your funds and may make the wrong move at wrong time wrecking your portfolio!

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