Have You Used LeoFi Platform For Lending/Leasing?

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LeoFi is currently an open beta product. I haven't seen devs promoting it as much as other offerings like https://cubdefi.com There's so much opportunity to be gained using LeoFi. If you've used those Steem/Hive Power lending platforms previously - you'll feel at home. Interface doesn't look cool as other LEO ventures. But that's just a part of being beta.

10.2% Average APR

Highest APR right now is 12.31% These are 0 risk investments where you keep the funds to yourself. All you are missing is curation returns. It's a cool way for curators to start earning more rewards without buying into LEO.

Investors of LEO can earn passive income on their LEO holdings without active curation. There are ways you can automate your voting with tools like https://hive.vote But you have to depend on the users to be posting while your voting power is above set threshold and not be abusive with spam posting.

Curation trails give front running advantage to those who are doing the voting. It's fair they get rewarded for their quality curation. But might not mean the best for your APR.

LeoFi makes things simple by fixed APR for a simple lease. Best part is there's lending features in work. That'll transform the token ecosystem on LEO into something far better.

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