How Did You Manage GLX Airdrop? Here's What I Did:

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Please tell me you're getting this airdrop. Splinterlands teased a potential big partnership months ago - or maybe over year ago! They said there will be an airdrop for Splinterlands investors. If you've been at least playing Splinterlands.... there should be some SPS in your account. Go to to claim yours. It's a like SPS airdrop all over :)

Right now 5% of max supply is allocated for SPS stakers. Most of the supply that's currently on market is coming from this airdrop, Most of supply is still locked. Whitepaper has you covered in details. Some of these funds are locked for 65 months!

What I've Been Doing

I'm playing it both ways. Initially staked my GLX. APR was huuuge. It wasn't just more GLX. There's GLGT (think Vouchers in Splinterlands) earnings too :)

Initially Compounded Earnings

Later Withdraw To Hive-Engine

Traded While GLX Was High

Staking Again After Crash

This one is the new & improved stake. I don't wanna be selling when there's blood on the streets. That's dumb! So these days I'm growing my GLX. Price can't be forever low. Bull is going to come someday. I'll be ready to sell some.

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