I've Got 1.146 Million Starbits Staked - Should I Go For Starbits Millionaire NFT?

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It's been a long road here. Basically took 2 years to get to this place. I've bought lots of packs and some Starpro with Starbits. Most of what I invested & what I earned from Rising Star stayed in the game. It's been a cool journey so far.

For some time I was wondering if I had made to 1 Million staked. Today I tool the matter to my hands. I had to calculate manually on every bit of staking I've done in game. Turns out I've got waaay more than needed.

One Problem Though

This is part of why I'm actually making this to a poll. Opportunity cost is a thingy I think about. I've staked on some records that have sweet deals waiting for me. Just 1 NFT sale can get some nice Starbits at 0 work. It's just a waiting game.

1610 Already Issued

There's real interest in getting Starbits Millionaire. That's having 1.61 Billion Starbits soft locked by players to do that lucrative daily mission. What I've heard is there's a long manual process with getting this NFT. What will I miss trying to get it?


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Unstake Part & take it slow (33.33%) 2 / 6
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Unstake & get Starbits Millionaire (16.67%) 1 / 6
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